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Lam Lai, composer.
(Hong Kong)



List of compositions


A Lute Song for Electronics and Video

Decant Silk for Zheng and Live Electronics

Sonic Anchor #4 - Optic Light for Theatrical-Sound-Installation

A Cup of Time for Chinese Ensemble, Live Electronics and Video

Duet for Amplified Cello

Frozen Second for 12 musicians


Red Porcelain II for Chinese Orchestra

Antique White for Tabla Solo and Live Electronics

Browsing Resonance for Sheng, Flute, Saxophone, Horn and Electronics with Video

Frozen Moment
for Synchronizing Two Ensemble of two cities

Little Flower Corner
for Yehu and Live Electronics

Sounds Equation
for Music Box and Live Electronics with Video

Red Porcelain
for Pipa and Zheng


Rooms by Machine for Orchestra

Virtual Metropolis II
for live electronics and video

Virtual Metropolis
for Multimedia

Eternal Sunshine (Homage to Dutilluex)
for String Quartet

Mao’s Song
for computer, text and video

Shadow of Light
for Guan and electronics

for electronics and Video

Neon Lantern
for Sheng, Flute and Piano


On the Road for Orchestra

She Said
for Sheng, Zheng, Percussion, Clarinet, Cello and Double Bass

Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism
for 2 Voices

Week One
for Pipa, Electronics and Video

for Voice and Electronics


Weeping Butterfly
for Violin and Cello

for Tenor, Flute, Zheng, Cello and Piano

for Violin, Cello, Clarinet and Piano

Floating Photograph
for Suona, Piano and Prepared Electronic Music

Virtual Green
for Flute, Viola, Pipa and Percussion


Whistles of Ferry
for Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon

Shining Line
for String Quartet


for Violin, Cello, Percussion and Piano

Fluorescent Chinese Painting
for Violin, Clarinet, Cello and Vibraphone






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