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Sychronizing Berlin - Hong Kong

Frozen Moment (2011) for Synchronizing Two Ensembles of two cities

performed by Ensemble Adapter and Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Time is frozen when you are not hurrying to somewhere. Synchronising two cities, synchronising two time-spaces: a delayed second traces out the Frozen Moment.

“Two Cities – Two Stages – One Concert”: in a live event, the German-Icelandic Ensemble Adapter and the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble connected film and music via a fixed high-speed Internet line. In Berlin and Hong Kong, a concert installation took place: two ensembles, two locations, two stages, at the same time, with a fixed delay time of 1.14 seconds.


Orchestral Works

Red Porcelain II (2011) for Chinese Orchestra

Red Porcelain II is the new interpretation of the duet Red Porcelain, which portrays the emotion associated with antique Chinese aesthetics. Using the colours of the Chinese orchestra, it traces out the shadows of Red Porcelain.


Rooms by Machine (2010) for Orchestra

Room by Machine is written for Western Orchestra. This piece portrays the signal sound when a computer encounters an unexpected error, when we say the computer “hangs.” The use of different combinations of tone colours and different tempos of the signal sound enhances the variety of imitation of the computer error sound.



Chamber works

Frozen Second (2012) for 12 musicians

performed by Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie in workshop at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Frozen Second is written for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello, and double bass. There is a drone throughout the music, followed by the effect of resonance created by the ensemble.


Red Porcelain (2011) for Pipa and Zheng

Red Porcelain portrays the emotion associated with antique Chinese aesthetics by the combination of different tone colours of the pipa and zheng. The image of red porcelain is reflected through the unique tone colour of these Chinese instruments.


A Cup of Time (2012) for Chinese Ensemble, Electronics and Video


Electronic Music

A Lute Song for Electronics and Video (2012)


Duet for Amplified Cello (2012)

Duet is written for a solo amplified cello. The amplified cello creates another musical part in this work via speakers and reverberation. This work treats the amplified sounds as a musical part of the texture, which serves as the duet voice.


Antique White (2011) for Tabla and Live Electronics

Colour is an impression sometimes.

Commissioned by the HellHOT! New Music Festival 2011, Antique White is written for the Indian percussion instrument tabla and live electronics. It portrays the impression of the colour antique white and tries to conbime two different worlds together, both traditional Indian instrument and the electronics. For the electronics, microphones are used to capture the tabla. The sound is then processed via a computer in real time.








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